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Le créneau « mines et environnement » a fortement orienté le développement de la recherche dans le secteur minier à l’Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) ainsi qu’à Polytechnique Montréal au cours des dernières années. La qualité des publications reflète bien l’expertise et le savoir-faire des chercheurs de l’Institut. Plusieurs découvertes issues des travaux de recherche de l’IRME UQAT-Polytechnique s’intègrent d’ailleurs aujourd’hui aux pratiques minières au Québec, de même qu’ailleurs au Canada et sur la planète.

Institut de recherche en mines et environnement UQAT-Polytechnique

  • Compressibility and dynamic properties of diatomaceous soils from Mejillones, Chile
    Arenaldi-Perisic, G., Ovalle, C., Barrios, A. (2019)
    XVI Panamerican Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
    Cancun, Mexico, 17-20 Novembre 2019 (accepted)
  • Experimental study of particle size effects on uniaxial compressibility and creep of partially saturated small-scaled rockfill
    Osses, R., Ovalle, C., Pineda, J., C., Linero, S., Fityus, S. (2019)
    Geo St. John's 2019: the 72nd Canadian Geotechnical Conference, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, September 29 to October 2, 2019
  • Comparison of different interpolation methods and sequential Gaussian simulation to estimate volumes of soil contaminated by As, Cr, Cu, PCP and dioxins/furans
    Metahni, S., Coudert, L., Gloaguen, E., Guemiza, K., Mercier, G., Blais, J.F. (2019)
    Environmental Pollution 252: 409-419
  • Particle size effects on the water retention properties of colluvial sediments.
    Osses, R., Pineda, J., Ovalle, C., Linero, S., Fityus, S. (2019)
    7th Asia-Pacific Conference on Unsaturated Soils, August 23~25, 2019, Nagoya, Japan (accepted)
  • Compressibility and creep of a diatomaceous soil
    Arenaldi-Perisic, G., Ovalle, C., Barrios, A. (2019)
    Engineering Geology 258(105145)
  • A new methodology for predicting and improving the performance of wet shaking table for treating soils contaminated by municipal solid waste ashes and metallurgical residues
    Mouedhen, I., Coudert, L., Blais, J.F., Mercier, G. (2019)
    Water Air and Soil Pollution - WATE-D-18-01678. Article soumis le 13-09-2018
  • Desulfurization of aged gold-bearing mine tailings
    Skandrani, A., Demers, I., Kongolo, M. (2019)
    Minerals Engineering 138: 195-203
  • Remediation of contaminated soils by potential toxic elements and organic compounds by alkaline leaching with surfactant
    Guemiza, K., Coudert, L., Mercier, Gab., Tran, L.H., Metahni, S., Blais, J.F., Besner, S., Mercier, G. (2019)
    Soil and Sediment Contamination : An International Journal. Article soumis le 17-05-2018.
  • Hydrogeological behaviour of covers with capillary barrier effect made of mining materials
    Kalonji Kabambi, A., Bussière, B., Demers, I. (2019)
    Geotechnical and Geological Engineering Journal (soumis après révision)
  • Performance of physically and chemically activated biochars in copper removal from contaminated mine effluents
    Braghiroli, F.L., Bouafif, H., Neculita, C.M., Koubaa, A. (2019)
    Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 230:178

Chaire industrielle CRSNG Polytechnique-UQAT en environnement et gestion des rejets miniers

  • Arsenic assessment of arsenic immobilization in synthetically prepared cemented paste backfill specimens
    Coussy, S., Benzaazoua, M., Banc, D., Moszkowicz, P., Bussière, B. (2012)
    Journal of Environmental Management 93: 10-21.
  • Arsenic speciation in cemented paste backfills and synthetic calcium-silicate-hydrates
    Coussy, S., Paktunc, D., Benzaazoua, M., Rose, J. (2012)
    Minerals Engineering 39: 51-61.
  • A modified oxygen consumption test to evaluate gas flux through oxygen barrier cover systems
    Dagenais, A.M., Mbonimpa, M. Bussière, B., Aubertin, M. (2012)
    ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal 35(1): GTJ103621.
  • Assessment of the performance of environmental desulphurization on arsenic release from tailing
    Derycke, V., Benzaazoua, M., Bussière, B. Kongolo, M., Mermillod-Blondin, R. (2012)
    9th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage, 20 - 26 May 2012, Ottawa (ON), Canada.
  • Laboratory permeability tests on rockfill
    Duhaime, F., Chapuis, R.P., Bigras, A., Kara, R., Demers, L. (2012)
    Proceedings of the 65th Canadian Geotechnical Conference Winnipeg.
  • Effect of temperature on the weathering of various waste rock types from the Raglan Mine
    Ethier, M.-P., Bussiere, B. Benzaazoua, M., Garneau, P. (2012)
    15th International Conference on Cold Regions Engineering, Quebec, Canada, 19-22 August 2012. 11p.
  • Capacity of wood ash filters to remove iron from acid mine drainage: assessment of retention mechanism
    Genty, T., Bussière, B., Benzaazoua, M., Zagury, G. (2012)
    Mine Water and the Environment 31(4): 273-286.
  • Dissolution of calcitic marble and dolomitic rock in high iron concentrated acid mine drainage: application to anoxic: Application to anoxic limestone drains
    Genty, T., Bussière, B., Potvin, R., Benzaazoua, M., Zagury, J.G. (2012)
    Environmental Earth Sciences 66(8): 2387-2401.
  • Evaluating the oxygen reaction rate coefficient of sulphidic tailings using laboratory and field tests
    Gosselin, M., Mbonimpa, M., Pabst, T., Aubertin, M. (2012)
    Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage (ICARD), May 20 - 26, 2012, Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  • Situation et défis en vue de la restauration des sites miniers marocains
    Hakkou, R., Benzaazoua, M. (2012)
    GESRIM 2012: International Congress on the Management of the Mining Wastes and Closed Mines, 3 - 6 Avril 2012, Marrakech – Morocco.